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Welcome to The Big Jewel, which many scientists consider to be a living
negation of the theory of Intelligent Design. Editor Kurt Luchs -- no
stranger to controversy, and on speaking terms with scandal -- has thrust
himself into the middle of the national debate over the teaching of
evolution in our schools with a piece that bravely has nothing whatsoever
to do with said debate. Read it if you dare, but beware: some of your most
cherished illusions may remain completely unchallenged:

Missing: One Link

By Kurt Luchs

The search for an ancestor that might link the human to the inhuman goes
on, like the search for Jimmy Hoffa (some experts feel that when we have
found the one we will have found the other). What did our remote
predecessors look like? No one knows, but all the indications are that in
a family portrait, you'd want them to be holding the camera...

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