[thebigjewel] One Hundred Years of Suburbia - March 5, 2008

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we define "magic realism" as filing a tax
return one week and getting a refund the next. That's probably not the way
Gabriel Garcia Marquez defines it, though. We suspect he prefers to think
of "magic realism" as whatever might make Mitch Hyman's dead-on parody of
one of his best-known novels disappear. It's not "One Hundred Years of
Solitude," it's...

One Hundred Years of Suburbia

By Mitch Hyman

I remember the day Uncle Rámon took us down to see the mall. "People say
the mall is infinite," he explained as he led us children toward the
atrium. "And that a man could spend a lifetime there going from store to
store, and still not find the one having the thing he wanted, and also in
his size...

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