[thebigjewel] Not-So-Intrepid Moments Of The Lewis & Clark Expedition - January 30, 2008

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we are saving our Sacagawea dollars in
hopes that they'll actually be worth a dollar someday. While we're on the
subject of beloved Native American figures, we want to point out that Eric
Feezell knows his history. Or at least he knows it as well as the
screenwriters for "National Treasure" and "Night at the Museum." The
latter film contained a funny, somewhat poignant take on Sacagawea. Eric's
is less poignant and in our opinion much funnier:

Not-So-Intrepid Moments Of The Lewis & Clark Expedition

By Eric Feezell

A sunny mid-morning, August 31, 1803, on the banks of the Ohio River:
Captain Meriwether Lewis meets for the first time William Clark, Second
Lieutenant, U.S. Army, who has been selected to co-head their soon-to-be
historic voyage. Lewis appears strong, confident, while Clark seems
somewhat nervous and apprehensive...Suddenly, Clark halts.

LEWIS: What is it, good sir?

CLARK: Pray forgive me, sir. But it seems I've neglected to put on breeches.

LEWIS (with pause, examining Clark's bare legs): Ah...so it would seem.

CLARK (blushing): Excuse me momentarily, sir.

LEWIS: Very well. (To himself) This is a rather odd fellow...

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