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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where our favorite sport is avoiding everybody
else's favorite sports. On the other hand, if it sometimes feels like your
life is so full of amazing plays (or errors) that it should have two color
commentators, check out this week's piece by David Martin:

My Day On NBC Sports

By David Martin

AL MICHAELS: Good morning bureaucracy fans and welcome to another exciting
day at work with Dave. What do you look for in today's match-up, John?

JOHN MADDEN: Well, Al, if past performance is any indicator, I'm guessing
Dave will be late today. We're always ready for a 9 A.M. kick-off but Dave
is what we call a "late starter."

AM: Whoa, wait a minute. It's only 9:05 and here's Dave. Have you ever
seen such an early arrival before?

JM: Yes, but not often. I have to assume that he's got a meeting...

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