[thebigjewel] 45-Year-Old Nancy Drew Reflects - February 14, 2007

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where in the spirit of Valentine's Day we
believe love just keeps getting better and better. Hey, it could happen!
But if you're looking for proof, you won't find it in this piece by Megan
Amram about the midlife years of a beloved fictional character whose
marriage seems to have gone mysteriously awry:

45-Year-Old Nancy Drew Reflects

By Megan Amram

(The front door opens.)

Nancy: (flicking off Oprah) How was your day, honey?

Allen: (kicking off shoes) Long. My boss was terrible. I'm completely
exhausted. How was your day?

Nancy: You know what, it was really good. This morning I got started on
the dusting and ironing. After the kids left for school, though, I was
rummaging through the attic and I found some of my old case files. My case
files, Allen! Remember when I used to sleuth as a girl?!

Allen: Hey, here's a case you can start on: The Mystery of the Late
Dinner. Here's a clue: it's late because you haven't started cooking it

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