[thebigjewel] Future Works of Jim Davis, #59-97 - June 7, 2006

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we are blissfully unaware of most current
events, but ever-mindful of such significant cultural landmarks as the
Garfield movie sequel. Justin Warner (one of our Gang of Four editors here
at the Jewel) is also mindful of the new Garfield movie. In fact, he has
been thinking of little else lately, consumed with an understandable dread
that at long last the comedic wellspring and national treasure known as
Jim Davis may be running dry. Well, there are givers in this world, and
there are takers. Justin is a giver, as the following list of plot ideas
proves so beautifully:

"Future Works of Jim Davis, #59-97"

By Justin Warner

Garfield Binges and Purges
Garfield Staples His Stomach
Garfield Freebases Coke
Garfield Ignores Yet Another Court Summons
Garfield Single-Handedly Trashes the Philadelphia Airport Hilton
Garfield Replaces Cerberus
Garfield Scavenges a Hospital Dumpster
Garfield Briefly Embraces Christianity
Garfield Impregnates a Walrus...

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