[thebigjewel] Fatherly Advice - August 31, 2005

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We invite you to visit The Big Jewel, where sometimes for no particular
reason we publish two pieces in a row about fatherhood. This is one of
those times. For you see, there is a special bond between a boy and his
father -- a bond so strong and yet so tender that only a man's man's man
like Matt Blair can write about it without having to get in touch with his
gentle, feminine side:

"Fatherly Advice"

By Matt Blair

The sun was coming down heavy over the mountain ridge that night, painting
the sky a bright red. Round back, my father was chopping wood for the
fire. I was sitting under the old elm tree, like I surely did most nights,
just watching him work. "Dad?" I said. "What's it like to kiss a girl?"...

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