[thebigjewel] Replacing Your Father - August 24, 2005

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At The Big Jewel, we like the movie "As Good As It Gets," where someone
asks writer Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson) how he creates women characters,
and he replies, "I think of a man, and then I remove reason and
accountability." We wonder if that's how Rick Stoeckel created this week's
comic monologue, a twisting exercise in self-deception that puts its
finger on the pulse of our time and finds...no heartbeat:

"Replacing Your Father"

By Rick Stoeckel

Hi, kids, I'm glad you're still up. What're you watching? Leno? I hate
Leno. Anyway, where's the little one? Well, go get her, too; I have
something to tell you all. Kids, no one can ever replace your father. No
one. Do you understand me? You only have one father, and he is gone to
Florida with his new fiancée with the oily skin. No one can ever replace
him. But this is my new boyfriend Bill, and I'd like him to be the one to
replace your father...

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