[texbirds] looking for the Elegant Tern on "the upper Texas Coast"

  • From: Martin Reid <upupa@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: texbirds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2013 20:53:56 -0500

Dear All,
Sheridan and I were going to go to the coast last Sunday anyway, so we decided 
to go to Quintana, guessing that the bird was seen in the area.  As it turns 
(terns?) out Ron Weeks had the same thoughts, and we teamed up with him, 
checking the beach from Bryan Beach up to the end of Follett's Island, without 
success.    We had an enjoyable day at a location we get to far too rarely.  I 
have heard that Mark spends a great deal of time on this stretch of coast, and 
the only bit we did not check was the Brazos rivermouth since the beach road 
was too dodgy for our small cars.  If it's still around, I'll wager that the 
ELTE is in this area, and the best spot looked to be south of the Quintana 
jetty, as this had by far the most terns loafing on the beach, with a steady 
"ternover" of Royal, Sandwich, Forster's, Common, Caspian, Least, and Black 
terns (in descending order of abundance)...  Otherwise I'd go for Bryan Beach 
and the rivermouth, If I could get there. 
I suppose the next best spot would be both sides of San Luis Pass or Bolivar 
Flats.  If it is hanging around, it could move up and down the coast to some 
Maybe someone will re-find it and share the location...
Good luck,
Martin Reid
San Antonio

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