[texbirds] Migrants Hamilton and Erath Counties

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  • Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2013 20:53:29 -0500

On Monday I made a trip to Hamilton General Hospital to visit a terminally 
ill relative.  Outside her first-floor window at Hamilton General Hospital 
was a nice flower garden, with cylinder water fountains and several nice 

Best Birds at this location: Warblers, Mourning, Canada and Yellow; 
Clay-colored sparrow to the water; Hummingbirds, Ruby-throated and 
Black-chinned and an entertaining Bewick's Wren dancing on the lower edge of 
the window casing.  Elsewhere in Hamilton county on Hwy 281 toward 
Stephenville, I had 2 Yellow-headed Blackbirds at the "live" livestock 
auction facility; a Hermit Thrush at a picnic area and a small kettle of 
Broad-winged Hawks at the Hamilton-Erath county line.

Erath County best birds, in addition to the BWHA, 2 Crested Caracara and 
Wild Turkey.

The garden and water feature at the Hamilton General Hospital is one I'll 
make a note of  to check when in town.  However be aware the hospital often 
has its most serious, often terminal patients in the rooms closest to the 
gardens.  Be mindful and position oneself so as to not be pointing bins at 
hospital room windows.

Lamont Brown
Denton and Harlingen 

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