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> Cool.. (or maybe not... sorry bad joke.)
> So does it really have water cooling like the guy at that site said, 
> or is it that electronic refrigeration wafer they use? (Forget what 
> that's called, they were selling various sizes at the last hamfest I 
> went to. Change polarity and it becomes a heater.)

You're thinking of a peltier device. 

The AthlonXP can be run with a normal heatsink/fan combo, but many people run
a water-cooler system just to be cool (no pun intended) and because they are
overclocking thier chips.
> Now I hear Intel has their stuff at 3 GHz ready to go.  I wonder how 
> they cool them. (?)

The P4 is actually very thermally efficent(sp). A fairly normal sized heatsink
and fan is sufficient.

> Meanwhile IBM has their low-power copper and germanium chips that 
> ought to turn things up a whole notch or two.

Plus, AMD's experiments with Si-28 (a purer, thermally better Silicon isotope).

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