[TechAssist] Re: update: RCA Proscan PS35123, CTC169EJ5 slight video smear to right?]]

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  • Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 11:34:19 -0800

slightly chill any Coils(AFT,Video Detect).


At 08:31 AM 2/17/04, Phil Bader wrote:

>I did check out that TV tech-cures site you mentioned (www.wa6ati.com)..
>It was suggested in other posts, a bad CRT, 200 volt scan-derived
>electrolytic cap to crt
>board being weak,etc.
>This cannot be the case, as I get good picture with no smear in line-in
>video mode both with the RCA inputs and S-video. Those above mentioned
>parts would be common
>to all video and tuner inputs.
>I have since changed the integrated tuner assy, the video switch IC
>(HCF4052B) and all 'lytics surrounding that IC. If I freeze spray around
>that IC, it clears! (And I've changed it with a new one.) and chemically
>cleaned the board)
>So it cannot be anything that shares the same circuitry as the RCA and
>S-video does, because they're OK.
>Only with tuner input... And as it stays on 10 minutes and more, it gets
>worse. I also notice the contrast is not as good in tuner mode either.
>seems to go hand in hand with this smear thing.
>I'm stumped.
>Hey, RCA experts!
>Philip Bader
>Jan Phyl TV Inc. (estab. 1976)
>3420 Recker Hwy. Winter Haven, Fl. 33880
>Fax (863) 299-8821
>email: tjanphyl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Glen Rhea wrote:
> > Phil
> > You should check the history files re: ctc169 at www.wa6ati.com
> > Glen
> >
> > Phil Bader <tjanphyl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > After restoring the vertical (prev. post) I notice a good picture but
> > there is definately a video smear to the right of everything, more
> > noticable with text, of course. I lowered the sharpness and almost gone.
> >
> > Any histories on video smear with the CTC169's?
> > Phil Bader
> >
> > --
> >
> > Philip Bader
> > Jan Phyl TV Inc. (estab. 1976)
> > 3420 Recker Hwy. Winter Haven, Fl. 33880
> > Fax (863) 299-8821
> > email: tjanphyl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >
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