[TechAssist] Re: Sony KV32XBR96S (repeated audio amp IC failure)

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Is he hooking up External Speakers,or splicing MORE speakers to his=20
existing ones ???


At 05:24 AM 6/28/04, Gemini Computer & TV wrote:
>I have a customer (who is an electronics engineer) with a Sony KV32XBR96S
>who brought in his set (as he lives outside my in-home service area) back=
>January for a dead set condition. I had found the front audio amp IC
>(IC1401) blown with a hole in it. There were also other damaged components
>as well that were replaced with Sony originals. Here is a list of those
>Everything was fine until the beginning of June when the customer once=
>brought it in for a dead set condition again. This time I found and=
>the following components with Sony originals:
>I completed the repair on Friday, 06/18/2004 and let the set run=
>around the clock until he picked it up on Thursday, 06/24/2004. I had
>informed the customer that IC1401 once again had a hole blown in it and had
>him check the external speaker wire connections to make sure that none had
>excessive length of exposed bare copper at either end when he returned=
>The set ran great Thursday, Friday, and part of Saturday but then the
>customer states he lost audio for about 15 minutes, then lost the picture,
>smelled burning, and the set returned to it's same old dead set condition.=
>just got off the phone with him and explained that it sounds like that
>IC1401 may have blown again but I am at a loss to explain the reason for a
>repeated failure and that I would pose this question to my fellow
>technicians on the various email forums to which I am a member. So now let
>me request your collective ideas!
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