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Hey Larry:

With a lot of practice you can take a good liftoff photo with any quality 
camera that shoots at least three frames per second. But ideally, if you want 
to catch most launches (and not just get lucky now and then), you need a camera 
that will take at least five frames per second. Even with five frames per 
second you will miss some launches initially, but with practice you will 
ultimately get most of them. So look for a Canon or a Nikon (I use) that will 
give you at least five frames per second. And try Craigslist for a good used 
Canon or Nikon or any other major name brand for that matter. Even for a good 
used camera that will go to 5 fps, expect to spend about $500. For a new one it 
will be twice that, or more. 

Good luck,


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Canon Tii

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I'm wanting a good camera to take photos of Rocket launches. What are some
of you using?  I have seen many postings of great shots!  I've seen someone
taking photos and can hear the camera snap 5 or more photos in a second.
With my Sony all I ever get is a photo of a smoke trail leaving the pad. Any
subjections ??

Larry Taylor KF6JBG

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