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Good point. What year did they change to the big nut trans??? 

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That's not a 59 tranny then.  If converted you need to find out what year model 
all of that stuff is to find the correct brake part.  I would assume when they 
converted to big nut from a 59 tranny they converted the brakes parts to the 
later style. 

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46mm axle nut. 

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For small nut or big nut application? 

The treasure chest prop's are being repopped..  Say that 10 times fast.  The 
props are being repopped... LOL  just check thesamba classifieds.  Frankly I'd 
go repop unless you can find a nice OGHEEE one. 

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I'm doing a mechanical restoration on a 59 single cab and need some brake 
parts. the parts that are missing are the drivers side rear parking assembly. 
the actuating arm, cross arm and cross arm clip. I would prefer to find a 
complete backing plate with everything attached if any one has one. If not I 
will try to piece it together. 

I also need the arm that holds the treasure chest door open if anyone has that 

Let me know what you have and how much. 


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