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Cool, Thanks!!! 

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Mark ,I have a prop for the treasure chest door.It's your's for the taking. 
Paul Smith 

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Transporters at the Point 6  October 9,10,and 11, 2009"Love all,trust a few,Do 
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> #yiv1715875692 p 
> {margin:0;}I'm 
> doing a mechanical restoration on a 59 single cab and need 
> some brake parts. the parts that are missing are the drivers 
> side rear parking assembly. the actuating arm, cross arm and 
> cross arm clip. I would prefer to find a complete backing 
> plate with everything attached if any one has one. If not I 
> will try to piece it together. 
> I also need the arm that holds the treasure chest door 
> open if anyone has that also. 
> Let me know what you have and how much. 
> Thanks, 
> Mark 

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