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Great trip report
--- Katrina <k.d.martin@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> D & K's Trip Report - Big Bend - Dec.26-Dec.30
> Tuesday December 26, (Amistad -
> http://www.nps.gov/amis/)
> Dan & I rolled out of Houston at 11AM. Took I-10 to
> 90. It was a little cool but not too cold all the
> way to Amistad.
> We arrived at the Amistad Park office at 4:59PM. The
> office locked the doors after we went inside. The
> office lady told us 
> where to go so we could camp that night. Dan & I
> left to go to the campsite called Governers Landing.
> There's no electricity at 
> any of the campsites and first-come, first-serve.
> There were only 3 of the campsites taken(15 sites
> total).
> We figured out were Homer would be the happiest (a
> level spot). Great we found a spot! The sun setting
> on the lake was really 
> pretty. Dan set up the propane grill and cooked up
> some spagetti with italian sausage. Good now it's
> time for dinner! We ate 
> dinner. Smoked, got the bed ready in the bus, and
> watched a few National Geographic pod casts. I fed
> Thor, then he laid in his 
> bed for a little while, until critters were trying
> to eat the rest of his dog food! Dan got out of the
> bus and looked around to see 
> what was there, he saw nothing. We let Thor get into
> the bus and we got into bed. Then we heard something
> trying to get the 
> trash can. I said,"OOOh lookey there Dan we have
> racoons in our campsite!" They got into the trash
> and ate all the leftovers. 
> There was lots of them too, like about 15 in a pack.
> Dan got out of the bus to scare them off and put the
> lid back on the trash 
> can. He's my hero he got rid of the coons. Good
> night.
> Wednesday Dec.27, (Terlingua Ranch -
> http://www.terlinguaranch.com/gallery.html)
> Got up about 7:30AM and got ready to go to
> Terlingua. The day was beautiful and ready for us to
> venture out into the great 
> deserts of Texas. Dan got Homer out on the road with
> no problems at all. Taped up our doors and were
> ready to go! We had 
> some cinnamon rolls for breakfast so we were really
> hungry around lunch time. We got to Alpine at noon
> and stopped by a 
> McDonalds for lunch. After that we waited on the
> longest train ever to go by so we could cross the
> road, but no problems we 
> just munched on our Mc Donalds cheeseburgers &
> fries. There's just mountains everywhere all around
> us,surrounding us, 
> made me feel kinda small.  So we went down the road
> to Terlingua Ranch, first 13 miles it's a paved
> road, last 3 miles it's a dirt 
> road. Got to Terlingua Ranch at 2PM. The office was
> open and ready for business. I made reservations.
> The campsite had 
> electric & water, only $17.00 a night. Dan & I set
> up camp. So,what we were gonna eat for dinner???
> Well, we can just walk 
> over to the Bad Rabbit Cafe', it's only across a
> little bridge and eat dinner. Open 7-11AM & 5-9PM.
> "Thursday is Karaoke 
> Night", that's what the cook/waiter said. It was a
> very warm place, it was getting a little cold. I had
> 3 beef tacos, Dan had 
> chicken fried steak, the food was good. We went back
> to the campsite and turned on the Mac and watched a
> DVD, Nacho 
> Libre, it was goofy,  but funny. Good night!
> Thursday Dec 28 (Terlingua Ghost Town/Study Butte-
> http://gallery.hoyhoy.org/20040904_terlingua?page=1)
> Dan & I got up around 7:30AM. We were hungry so we
> decided to eat at the Bad Rabbit Cafe' for
> breakfast. Dan then said,"We 
> should go to Presidio today,we'll go down Hwy 118 to
> Hwy 170." I agreed. I went into the office and asked
> where to get gas, 
> she said Study Butte, it is the second store you
> see, they call it the Study Butte Mall. So we leave
> Terlingua Ranch and head 
> towards Study Butte. All of a sudden Homer doesn't
> want to go up a huge mountain, 15MPH...Then we went
> down that 
> mountain about 65MPH. That was a rush. Finally we
> made it to Study Butte Mall to get some gas and ice.
> Well, it was not a 
> mall at all. It was a grocery store & gas station.
> But it was the only gas station around Terlingua &
> Study Butte. Homer then 
> headed down Hwy 118 to Hwy 170. The road was really
> twisty, they went around the mountains, up and down
> and around. The 
> river was pretty, it runs right along the Mexico
> border. (Duncan you really missed out on the best
> road to ride the motorcycle.) 
> Homer made it up every mountain, going about 30MPH
> on some of them. Passed Terlingua Ghost Town and
> went about 
> halfway to Presidio, then decided to go back to
> Terlingua Ranch. It was about 2PM. So we just pulled
> right over and had lunch 
> on the side of the road. It was the best picnic spot
> in the world. Gosh I just can't tell you how breath
> taking the mountains 
> were. As we drove back to the Ranch Dan kept on
> saying,"I hope there's going to be a good storm, I
> would like to see one here 
> in the Big Bend, we've been here 3 yrs. in a row and
> never seen any rain." Lots of clouds were appearing
> from everywhere. 
> Some mountain peaks were covered with clouds, I
> could hardly see them at all. Got back to the
> campground and cooked 
> some dinner. Had some eggs & buffet potatoes.Yummm.
> After washing a few dishes Dan & I got into the bus
> turned on the 
> heating blanket and watched a scray movie
> called,"Chaos". (Horrible scary movie-don't ever
> watch it) Watched some Podcasts 
> then went to bed. Good Night?
> Friday Dec 29 (Terlingua Ranch-all day & all night)
> Woke up around 8:30AM. Decided to sleep some more
> since it was pouring down rain. Everything outside
> looked wet & cold. I 
> told Dan I could just sleep all day. Eventually we
> got up and ate cereal. Then decided to get back into
> the bus, it was cold and 
> still raining a little. About 3PM Dan started making
> dinner. He made a steak on the Karbachi and heated
> up some buffet 
> potatoes on the propane stove. Not much happened,
> just ate and went for a short walk. Good night!
> Saturday Dec. 30 (Driving back home all the way down
> HWY 90 to Hwy I-10)
> Got up at 7AM. It was really cold. Got everything
> all packed up, our tent was really wet. Got out on
> the road about 8:30AM. As 
> we drove through the mountains we noticed there was
> snow on the peaks. It was so pretty. But it sure did
> look cold outside. 
> Drove through Alpine and there was snow everywhere.
> Thor was just staring at his bed and kept on going
> around in circles. I 
> told Dan maybe we should stop in Alpine to let him
> out so he could do his business. Well ohhh my Gosh I
> let Thor out and 
> froze my buns off. Thor really didn't have to use
> the restroom, he was cold too I think. He just
> wanted to get out for a second. 
> He got back up in the bus. It started warming up
> around Del Rio, but it never really got warm until
> we got to Houston. We got 
> home at 10PM, just in time to watch Madd TV. The
> End.
> Katrina & Dan Martin
> 71'bus "Homer"
> http://web.mac.com/danandkatrinamartin/
> http://ical.mac.com/danandkatrinamartin/Volks32Shows

Paul Smith


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