[tcb] Re: I drove Murray!

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Denis only has the cables.They have not been installed yet.I don't think Murray 
will be ready for the Classic.The cables "might " be in but don't bet on it 
unless Tarp does it.
   He has a real nice rear swaybar that has been around for two years.He did 
get the front installed tho.It made such an improvement that he didn't think it 
was necessary to improve te rear.
 I'm just pissed that he took out the Device.
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        Denis:  Of all the work you have done, I am most proud of the e-brake 

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          That is my target.
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            Woo Hoo! You should have Murray all ready for the Classic.

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            I drove Murray all the way across town.

            He is in the hands of Tark, the local VW guy. His kids were helping 
blow up stuff at the last Psycoblooie. He owes me a bunch of favors, so instead 
of me trying to do the electrical stuff or dragging Chuck all the way up here 
again, I gave it to him. He is supposed to be a master at elec. First thing, he 
tore out the whole fuse box and is installing something from a modern car, with 
blade fuses and the flasher and three relays for headlights and all on one 

            I have the emergency brake cables with the adapters all ready to 
put in as soon as I get him back. Honest. 


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