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Oh crimeny!  I better get my stinking engine finished!  Hahahaha



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I have had it with Cool Fred. I have never seen him drive a bus. I guess he
was out at my house in Caroline, but then he left. Then there was the whole
Type 4 discussion with cylinders and heads, Then he had to do all this and
that with swapping out engines and then he sold Caroline and got another
bus, but it doesn't work and he wants to run it on chocolate Hershey bars or
something and now he wants to do a Megasquirt and I think that he will end
up a broken man pulling his hair and running into the woods screaming and


If, by July, if you still don't have a running bus and you come to my house
in a minivan or Toyota or whatever we are ging to fill your pants with
firecrackers. Katrina can probably find a video for Friday of that, It seems
that I have seen pic of a guy that had his pants filled with firecrackers.
Believe me Fred, wou don't want it.


Just get yourself a freaking engine and put it in the bus and drive it
around. Chuck was a young man when he started his Megaheadache obsession and
now he has a pacemaker. What does that tell ya?


Firecrakers in your pants. It won't be pretty.

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