[tcb] Re: DAC Temple Report!

  • From: Dan Martin <danandkatrinamartin@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 10:35:28 -0500

They let us run the 1/4 mile.
I made 3 passes.

1st pass:

Reaction 1.7267
1/8 ET 16.5035  MPH 39.86
1/4 ET 26.4115 MPH 47.41

2nd pass:

Reaction 1.1358
1/8 ET 16.2126 MPH 40.92
1/4 ET 25.9702 MPH 48.38

3rd pass:
Reaction .9716
1/8 ET 15.1016 MPH 46.26
1/4 ET 23.8660 MPH 54.73

On May 8, 2007, at 10:07 AM, sammie smith wrote:

Darn! 14.65 in a bus for a quarter mile. Not bad at all. Course we all know that Temple is only 1/8th mile. But you don't have to tell anyone that.

wuzmop@xxxxxxx wrote:
MIke ran a 14.65. I have a few of my slips at home I'll post later. I got a .61 reaction time on one, which is pretty good for my first time on the track.

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Brian Denning <i_am_cool_fred@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:did anybody post times on here? i am just really curious

>From: Katrina
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>Oh ya and kickass trip report Robb.
>Mike's bus looks like it has a smirk on it with the smashed in nose piece.
>I think it really did. 30 in a box gotta love it!
>Katrina & Dan Martin
>71'bus "Homer"
>On Tuesday, May 08, 2007, at 06:23AM, "Mike Hayes"
> >
> >
> >
> >Here are some pic's of the bus racing..
> >
> >http://www.dallasaircoolers.com/gallery/Mikespics
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >wuzmop@xxxxxxx wrote:
> >> Saturday 10 am, Mike, June, Bodean, Michael and I took off from
> >> Dallas. 576,876,986 mph headwinds kicking our butts so much we had to
> >> stop in Hillsboro just to get a break from it. The drive was
> >> uneventful, and even though it looked like rain, there was little more
> >> than a drizzle. Nothing rain X couldn't handle.
> >>
> >> We rolled into the track at about 1, just about the time Dan, Katrina > >> and Thor showed up. We had the place to ourselves. Talk about an old > >> school racetrack, it's like the Kellers of racing. Paul showed up to > >> welcome us, big pimpin', and gave us some great stories of the track
> >> back when he was growing up.
> >>
> >> Once we made ourselves at home, it was only a matter of time before we > >> succumbed to the pressure of the race track. The smack talking was on, > >> the busses were fired up, and we hit the track. The track official > >> wanted us to spin the tires to dry them. Sure thing, ace. Dan said it > >> best, "you have some paper towels or something I can use to dry them". > >> Bodean beat us all in his ghia, but as far as the busses, Mike was the > >> big winner amongst us. Before his head swells too much bigger, I have > >> to remind him that his bus has 12 years of evolution on mine. Not sure
> >> what Dan's excuse was. He was going down the track so fast, the
> >> announcer made the statement "doing 30 in a box". We had a blast, but > >> they cut us off after 4 passes, when other cars started showing up
> >> because we had beer. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!
> >>
> >> A bunch of the racers were rolling in all evening long, unfortunately > >> for us, they were rolling in with noisy a$$ generators. Oh well, if > >> you can't beat 'em, join 'em, and we hooked up our lights to their > >> electricity. Next year, I'm getting a generator, and putting a stinger > >> on it for them. At some point, we thought it a would be a good idea to
> >> start mooning people as they drove in. The funny part is, none of
> >> those people camped near us. As a matter of fact, they camped clear on
> >> the other side of the place. I wonder why?
> >>
> >> There was some great racing on Sunday, Curtis finished 3rd in his
> >> class, which should put him as the points leader in the TVWDRA, and
> >> Steve came in second in his class, despite breaking a nosecone.
> >>
> >> The swap meet was pretty thin, although I did get a couple of goodies, > >> and the show was a bit light. I think the racing portion was promoted > >> so much that the other aspects may have suffered some, but it was fun > >> nonetheless. It was also pretty expensive at $15 a head + other stuff. > >> Right up there with Ennis cost-wise. They did have some great stuff to > >> keep the kids occupied, a bounch house, and Orielly's was there with > >> games and prizes. Michael won 2 soccer balls. Overall the event was a
> >> really good first effort that should get better with experience.
> >>
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