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  • Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 12:02:09 -0500

Damn I knew I should have camped. Damn...Mudd wrestling is my favorite!!!


On Apr 21, 2009, at 9:23 AM, Wuzmop@xxxxxxx wrote:

We head out Thursday at 9:30 am right on time. Mike and I are in our buses from Dallas to Alvarado to meet Bodean and Luke and family to head out. Two unproven cars in Lukes ghia and Mike’s new 23. My bus has made this trip many times. This time, it got a new shift coupler and the tranny fluid changed before the trip, in addition to the normal preparations.

Going around the loop and on to I35, hit 4th gear GRRRR, THUD, POP! I’m down. We pull off, and there are virtually no flat spots, so I park it and get out. The bus didn’t hold in gear and went for a ride with the family in it. Luckily, it was a short ride and I had the wheels pointed to the curb so it stopped, but the wife’s rapid heartbeat continued. I had a good 30 minute ride at 40 mph in 3rd back to the house with Mike following to think up plan B.

Plan B, cram a bus full of crap and the family in the bug. Now we have 3 unproven cars on the trip, and I’m scared to death because the bug is my cruise around town hot rod, I never intended it for long trips. Plus my daily driver bus is at home dead, if I kill this one, I’m in trouble.

We baby the rides, cruising at a brisk 55 or so, I’m in front, and 5 behind me including Bodeans truck and Sara’s mini van. Cruise is going great until well after Hico in the sticks somewhere some jackhole in a pick up yelled at a DPS officer in front of us. The officer gets behind me, A) I’m going up a hill B) I’ve slowed to pass him, he pulls me over and says I was impeding traffic and he clocked me at 50. I explained the cruise, blah, blah, he gives me a warning. I continue up to where the rest of the guys pulled over, and Sara and Lukes mini van took a dump. They had AAA and insisted that we continue, they would be back tomorrow.

We had a brief linkage issue with Mike’s bus, but made it before the rain, I ran to Walmart and bought a tent and we all set up camp. We had been there a couple of hours, went to eat. I guess Bodean ran back to get his wallet and was informed we couldn’t camp where we were, no signs, and there was nobody to check in with when we got there. Steve C worked it out in the morning, we were pretty adamant about not moving since we managed to beat the rain and set up on dry ground. Moving would mean putting our tents in the wet grass. All is good!

Torrential storm on Friday morning and we hunkered down in the tent and survived it unscathed. I think we all slept thru it. Free nap! Yay!

I left early for the cruise to open the rest rooms at the park. Got lost an hour out of the way, but still beat the cruise there!

The rest of the weekend is a blur, saw a bunch of folks, ran Murray through a brick wall, mud wrestling at the camp site, girls kissing, the usual. Had a blast. Any more information regarding the events is confidential.

We came home on Monday, got pulled over in a school zone on the highway that I didn’t see. Had a wonderful debate with a super nice officer on why I don’t have to have an inspection on my antique registered car. Got a ticket for speeding. Awesome.

The bug did fantastic! All our cars made it back home safe, now I want to build a road trip bug!

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