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  • Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 07:47:51 -0800 (PST)

What kind of bug parts are you looking for? I have a few left-overs in my store 
room from my 70 vert. 

Chuck Blue <sukchew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:          I'm Baaaaaaack!
    Getting old sucks.I can't lift or drive for three days..Everyone else gets 
the good drugs and they just make me suffer.I am lucky that there is nothing 
more serious then a muscle pinching a small artery on the out side of the 
heart.It can be treated with drugs( not the good kind) 
  Fortunately our friend Mary is here from Georgia so she can haul me around 
for a couple of days to look for bug parts.
  ole blue
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  About an hour ago Chuck was still in the hospital with more heart stuff. He 
had pain and was generally screwed up this morning so Sue took him to the 
hospital and they admitted him and ran a wire up his femoral artery into his 
heart and found a muscle squeezing an artery. ( I guess, I'm not a doctor but I 
play one on TV). I guess he'll be alright, they should let him go home tonight 
if his enzymes are OK. (Is that like snot?)
  When I got an angiogram they ran it through my heart and into my brain. I got 
to watch it on TV and I got more liquid Valium when I asked for it. Then they 
took a gigantic C-clamp and clamped the skin from my thigh to the gurney and 
left me in the hall.
  Chuck didn't get the Valium or the TV, but he didn't get clamped. And he got 
to wait in a room. Sue asked about the gigantic clamp after I told her and they 
said, oh God no, we don't do that anymore. It may be 'cuz I complained. Alot 
and loudly.
  Pray for Chuck to get well. He has forgotten more than all of us put together 
about VWs and I need him to fix my cars all the time, besides he is the 
fireworks show for Psychobilly. GET WELL, CHUCK!

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