[tabi] Re: let me be the first to welcome everyone

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  • Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 17:01:06 -0400

Hi Bree,

Everyone was automatically switched over to the new list once Chip decided this new host would be a better place for TABI to be, but if we're all seeing you, the switch-over worked.


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ones that are right for us today."

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Subject: [tabi] Re: let me be the first to welcome everyone

ok this might be a stupid question but should I send a email to the new listin order to be on the new list? I had a feeling something was different because I was not receiving emails on the old list.

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 Subject: [tabi] let me be the first to welcome everyone

 to the new list!

to send a message, it works just like the old list, except the address is tabi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

 note that it's free lists, as in many lists.

Would the Lighthouse please change your web site? Would DBS or anyone else who may have instructions for subscribing to clients please update them to say:

send an email to tabi-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx with the word "subscribe" as the subject.




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