[tabi] haven phone tutorial; was Know Anyone Interested?

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Hi Jada,
I came across this just now, and maybe it will help you with your Haven
phone.  Maybe someone will pass this on to you, and maybe you'll consider
joining TABI yourself?
to download the Haven cell phone  tour. in part or in whole



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Most of you know that I tried to join the 21st century and bought an Apple 4
I Phone from Verizon. That was on March 23. Some of you know that the I
Phone beat me down to the point of surrender, which I did humbly, and bought
the Samsun Haven. Toni and Cindy are graciously and generously helping me
learn how to use it. Instead of using the I Phone as decoration, I'm putting
it on the market. I am asking The amount I paid, which is $200. I had 2
brief conversations on it, both with Verizon staff at the time of purchase.
Supposedly, I was being shown how to use it. Well, it didn't work!
If any of you know someone who is interested in a barely used I phone and
its charger, let me know. I've had my personal information deleted, and it's
ready for new ownership. ,

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