[tabi] Fw: Know Anyone Interested?

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Subject: Fw: Know Anyone Interested?

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Subject: Know Anyone Interested?

Most of you know that I tried to join the 21st century and bought an Apple 4 I 
Phone from Verizon. That was on March 23. Some of you know that the I Phone 
beat me down to the point of surrender, which I did humbly, and bought the 
Samsun Haven. Toni and Cindy are graciously and generously helping me learn how 
to use it. Instead of using the I Phone as decoration, I'm putting it on the 
market. I am asking The amount I paid, which is $200. I had 2 brief 
conversations on it, both with Verizon staff at the time of purchase. 
Supposedly, I was being shown how to use it. Well, it didn't work!

If any of you know someone who is interested in a barely used I phone and its 
charger, let me know. I've had my personal information deleted, and it's ready 
for new ownership. ,


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