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  • Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 11:43:56 -0400

The blind deserve and earn respect

I was disappointed that the Division of Blind Services lost the state
contract to run the food concession stands in state office buildings a few
years back. I used to savor the moment of buying a newspaper and enjoying a
Coke on the honor system at the state Blind Services delis. It was a special
luxury to do business with the blind at the Koger Center and in the R.A.
Gray Building.

My German grandfather was 99-percent deaf and yet he was a very smart man of
many talents. He was fortunate to attend Heidelberg University in a program
for the deaf and developed a mastery of playing the organ and was a master
gardener. When he was 84, he went back to college to study hydraulics, a
lifelong ambition come true.

Once on Park Avenue here while I was waiting for a bus, a blind man at the
bus stop told me that the blind are subject to abuse much like elder abuse.
Another blind man once told me of the difficulty with an American public
that assumes everyone is sighted. And has a car.

With more premature births comes a deaf and blind condition that may mean
the number of deaf or blind babies in the population is increasing. We need
to respect the blind.


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