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Maybe some considerations can be given to the blind's: double indemnity status 
or, is it double and a half?

Go figure!

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  Hi, I have 30 years in with the State of Florida, coming this September. I am 
curtly 51 years of age. I am going in the drop for 5 years more than likely. I 
will be 56 when I come out of the drop. I will not be seeking work after the 
drop. Beside don't think I would stand a snow ball chance in h*all of getting a 
job. I am wanting to collect my disability on Social Security. Now I understand 
it will take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to get approved after filing. At least 
that is what I am getting told by the SS office. I also have been told I could 
not go on sick leave with pay and make more than 980 bucks a month and be 
approved for Disability on SS.  So if this is true I will have to wait till I 
am retired and have nothing but my retirement income. Which does put a hard 
ship on me unless I dig into the drop money. I also understand after they 
approve you for disability on SS, that you will not receive a check till after 
6 months after you are approved. This really makes a hard ship and now this 
will make me dig into my drop money for possible from 9 months to a year. This 
just don't sound right to me. I thought that if you was blind that this was a 
automatic disability for SS? I know you would still have to apply for 
disability on SS. So I would like to know if any of you have worked and then 
went on disability sort of like my situation? I would like to know your all 
experience and what do you all think and any help would be greatly appreciated.



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