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  • Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2011 07:46:41 -0500

When I press alt s the first time it says or does nothing that I'm aware of but 
waits for me to do alt s again.  It requires me to do this quite often.  About 
as much as it doesn't.

Does anyone ever get four copies from me?

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  Hi Charles,

  as Tinetta says, you don't need "reply to all", even though it does make 
sense to choose it when sending to a group.  however, this doesn't cause you to 
have to press alt-s if you use it.

  the only thing I can think of is that when you press alt-s, outlook then does 
a spell check and starts asking me about it thinks are misspellings.  if I'm in 
a hurry, I'll just press escape to get out of the spell checker.  at that 
point, outlook asks me if I just want to send the email anyway, and I answer 
with alt-y, and off it goes.  if you press escape again however, you are back 
in the email, and you have to press alt-s again to start sending it; but I 
think it does not spell check it the second time, and so maybe that's happening 
to you Charles?  


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  Why is it, I have to do alt s more than once when I am attempting to reply to 
the group?

  I wondered if everybody received my emails double or whether just one person 
get those how should I reply to the whole group?

  I always get two emails at once from Tabi.  I know people don't want to 
receive four!  

  I'm not complaining, I just need straightening so I can correct that.

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