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I saw this on Nightline last night.  Wonderful story and the insurance company 
needs to learn what empathy is.
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  I wanted to share this because I thought it was a wonderful story.
  Prosthetic Face, Complete with Mascara
  The doctors also ensured Steltz's face came complete with makeup: They baked 
eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara directly into the mask and poked eyelashes 
into the silicon with tweezers. They took care to ensure the results were as 
real as possible. 

  Getting the eyes down was of monumental importance, Over said. 

  "If you drew a clock around the colored portion of the eye ... is that little 
glint in the same position in the left as it is on the right?" he asked. 

  Steltz's procedure cost nearly $80,000, according to Dierks, but her health 
insurance refused to cover the cost, saying hers was an aesthetic procedure. 

  "This is certainly not a veneer on a front tooth," Over said. "It's just as 
much of a medical necessity as an arm or a leg." 


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