[tabi] Re: New Look: Blind Mom Gets Prosthetic Face

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hi, glad this could come true for her. I do agree that insurance companies
need to be in the business of insuring people and really insurance companies
are nothing but big gamblers. this is what they need to stick to and not
making medical decisions. But I don't want the government making decision on
me either. So I agree that this is a great thing that the doctors and them
did for her. But I don't think the healthcare plan that the president push
thru is the answer. I do believe that the healthcare plan needed some fixing
but not his way. Just my thoughts and not trying to start a political war
here. So will not respond on list to the political part of this after this

Joe Plummer (JP)
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When Obama care kicks in we want have to put up with this from the issurence

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        I saw this on Nightline last night.  Wonderful story and the
insurance company needs to learn what empathy is.

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                I wanted to share this because I thought it was a wonderful

                Prosthetic Face, Complete with Mascara

                The doctors also ensured Steltz's face came complete with
makeup: They baked eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara directly into the mask
and poked eyelashes into the silicon with tweezers. They took care to ensure
the results were as real as possible. 

                Getting the eyes down was of monumental importance, Over

                "If you drew a clock around the colored portion of the eye
... is that little glint in the same position in the left as it is on the
right?" he asked. 

                Steltz's procedure cost nearly $80,000, according to Dierks,
but her health insurance
ace/story?id=11162243&page=3#>  refused to cover the cost, saying hers was
an aesthetic procedure. 

                "This is certainly not a veneer on a front tooth," Over
said. "It's just as much of a medical necessity as an arm or a leg." 


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