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Do you know the government will provide you with a free money identifier? (an 
You can call the Daytona library for details on how to send your application (I 
believe they just changed), but these devices are very small (they're a 
key-chain fob), and are very good.



Chip Orange
Florida Public Service Commission
Computer Systems Analyst

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Bruce Weaver
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Good afternoon

Can someone give me feedback on the KNFB reader,  does it read money.  Thank's 
for any feedback.

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Sally Benjamin
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Subject: [tabi] KNFB Reader

Hello all,

I received this the other day and wanted to share. If it has already been 
shared I am sorry but I have too many emails.

I did download it and I love it! It is for the iPhone 5 and above but I do know 
someone who put it on an iPhone 4s.

Please share with members & students. KNFB Reader is half price for a

limited time in the app store.

knfbReader by Sensotec nv


Sally Benjamin

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