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I don't think KNFB reader identifies currency. There is a $10 app called Money 
reader that does just that.  Also the tap tap see ap will read money and 
identify lots of other objects.  the app is free and you can use it a few times 
a month for free and then you have to pay a small fee to use the app.  the KNFB 
reader is great for reading text.  The best app I've used and is on sale for 50 
bucks until tomorrow.  Hope this helps.  
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From: Bruce Weaver 
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Good afternoon


Can someone give me feedback on the KNFB reader,  does it read money.  Thank's 
for any feedback. 





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Hello all,


I received this the other day and wanted to share. If it has already been 
shared I am sorry but I have too many emails.


I did download it and I love it! It is for the iPhone 5 and above but I do know 
someone who put it on an iPhone 4s.


Please share with members & students. KNFB Reader is half price for a

limited time in the app store.


knfbReader by Sensotec nv






Sally Benjamin




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