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Here is some info I found online about the new director of DBS.

Meet New Director
Robert L. Doyle III
Robert L. Doyle, III was appointed as the
Division Director for DVI on June 8, 2009
replacing Cindy Lovell who retired on May 31. Chicago native
Doyle is excited about his new position. Despite the
challenges facing the state, Robert is looking forward to
leading the DVI team. Robert added how pleased he is to
lead an agency which employs people who are committed
and passionate about their work. One of his primary initiatives
is to foster a positive and creative atmosphere where
communication and morale are valued and everyone realizes
their piece of the puzzle. "I'm people focused and oriented. I
am excited to come to work and want that same spirit to be
carried and felt by everyone".
Doyle would also like to expand the use of technology and
data-based decision making to enhance DVI's services to
consumers. He values sound budgeting, strategic planning
and goal centered outcomes. Describing his management
style as "inclusive" and "open to feedback", Doyle intends to
use his background in government and the private sector to
review the current organizational structure with an eye
towards evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the
agency. Members of Delaware's blind community give Doyle
high marks for his efforts to date. State Rehabilitation Council
co-chair Debbie Bridell stated, "I am most impressed with
Robert Doyle. He comes from a varied background of
education and business, making him excellent for the position
of director. Being on a number of committees and councils, I
have had several opportunities to meet
Robert L. Doyle III
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New Business Strategies at DIB
In an effort to adapt to a
difficult economic
environment and a 17%
reduction in sales in the past
year, Delaware Industries for
the Blind has embarked on a
series of initiatives aimed at
improving efficiency and
effectiveness and testing new Delaware Industries for the Blind celebrates 100
approaches which is hoped will
result in increased earnings
and employment.
New strategies include:
Establish an ISO 9000
Quality Management system. ISO (International Organization for
Standardization) is the world's largest developer and publisher of
International Standards.
Create a Rubber stamp business opportunity as a potential home
business venture for a visual impaired resident.
Develop Contract Management Support Specialist training program.
Exploring collaboration with Prison Industries through the Delaware
Department of Correction. This program would be with the support
of the State Use Law Commission.
Establish in house training program, in cooperation with DVI's
Vocational Rehabilitation Program to expand work opportunities for
blind and visually impaired and to meet specific program needs of
both the VR unit and DIB.
Working with National Industries of the Blind (NIB, a source of
federal contracts) to expand sales of "award" items and establish a
years with the help of the New Castle County
Chamber of Commerce. Delaware Health and
Social Services Secretary Rita Landgraf holds
the ribbon while DIB General Manager AlanWingrove (left) prepares to make the 
Open House September 16, 2009. DVI DirectorRobert Doyle and others look on.
line of "Disability, Power and Pride" custom clothing and items
which could be marketed using DIB online system.
Exploring ways to further "Employee Recognition" opportunities
within State Agencies by revamping the approach to these
recognition programs to try to recoup lost revenue from cutbacks
caused by the state economic crisis.
Meet New Director Robert L. Doyle III
continued from cover
with him. He is very interested in what we as individuals have to say
and think as well as from the standpoint of consumer organizations.
He has a clear cut view of where he wants the agency to go and will
hold all accountable to reach his goal." Lloyd Schmitz, member of the
Governor's Advisory Council on the Blind, commented, "For the first
quarter he's doing an outstanding job. He's on target, sets goals and
achieves them. I hope he continues to do as well and gets the
support of his staff and the visually impaired community."
Doyle received his Bachelors (Political Studies) and Master's Degrees
(Public Administration) from the University of Illinois. His first job after
graduation was for the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules and
Procedures of the Illinois legislature where he was sponsored by and
worked with then State Senator Barack Obama.
Most recently he worked for the Philadelphia School District and as
president and CEO of his own business, RDE, Inc.
He states that as a youngster his role models were Martin Luther King
Jr. and Harold Washington, the first African-American mayor of
On the personal side, Doyle is married and the father of 8 (three boys
and five girls). In addition to his DVI duties, Doyle is Pastor of the
New Beginnings Church in Newark Delaware, a small non-


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