[tabi] Fw: [F E] demo trekker breezes for sale!

  • From: "djrogers0628" <djrogers0628@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 18:20:56 -0400

Thought some of you may be interested in a less expensive GPS model, but don't 
wait.  If you're interested, contact him right away.

I have dealt with him several times in the past, and he is a very honest person 
with whom to do business.


Subject: [F E] demo trekker breezes for sale!

Hi folks,

I have 2 demo units of the newer Trekker Breeze for sale. These 
units have the new motherboard in them and have all accessories 
and a 6 month hardware warranty.
They come with the entire U. S. maps on 1 dvd disk and a 2 gb 
sd memory card with your local map installed.
They retail for $895.00 plus $25 shipping, they can be yours for 
$700.00 plus $20 shipping. A savings of over $200.00 and come 
with Adaptive Information Systems Inc. great free tech support 
by phone or email.
if you want further information about the small hand held talking 
GPS device, Trekker Breeze, give me a call or you can go to 
HumanWare's web site too.

I do accept Master, visa, or Discover cards.

My contact is below, but remember I only have 2 of these demo 
units on hand for $700.00, so act fast if you want a very 
reliable and easy to use, talking GPS device!

Roger Behm

We make technology accessible
to the vision impaired and reading disabled

Roger A. Behm, President
1611 Clover Lane
Janesville WI 53545-1388

voice: 608-758-0933
Fax: 608-758-7898
toll free: 877 792-4768
Cell: 608-718-0311

email: aistech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
web page: www.adaptiveinformation.org

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