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Lighthouse of the Big Bend
Spring 2010 Newsletter

In this issue:
1. New Building GRAND OPENING July 27th!
2. Multi-Sense-Ational ART Contest!
3. Top Ten Advantages to Our New Home
4. Mobility Tips: Traveling to the New Lighthouse
5. SportsAbility Fun in Tallahassee: April 16-18
6. New Independent Living Class: Tuesday, April 20
7. Free GW Micro Training: April 21, 9:30am-3:30pm
8. Lighthouse Spring 2010 Classes & Events
9. Frequently Called Numbers
10. How YOU Can Help!
11. About the Lighthouse

1. New Building GRAND OPENING: July 27th, 5-8pm!
You may have heard over the past two years the Lighthouse has been
looking for a new building as we had completely outgrown our space. We
are thrilled to announce that in December 2009 we found a fantastic
building. The Board signed a contract in January, and as a part of the
deal it was renovated to our specifications. We moved in and have been
open for business since March 15th! Our new building is located at
3071 Highland Oaks Terrace, just off Capital Circle SE, across the
road from Sam’s Club & Sonny’s.

The building is 5,600 square feet (3 times bigger than the old one)
and has 2 large classrooms, a computer lab, a separate kitchen with
space to teach and a Vocational Rehabilitation conference room. There
is a real reception area with a listening library, a production room,
storage/file rooms, plus 15 offices for staff. There is a big parking
lot and nice landscaping. It is surrounded on the front & sides by
narrow green spaces and a larger back yard. It is great for guide dogs
and in back we are hoping to build a small playground for our Early
Intervention program children.

One of the major issues with our old building was the dangerous walk
from the bus stop with no sidewalks along Paul Russell. Now, we have a
bus stop right at the end of our road (thanks StarMetro!) and a side
walk that leads all the way to the front doors. Many more people will
now be able to use the Lighthouse facility!

To celebrate, on the Lighthouse’s 27th Anniversary—July 27, 2010, from
5 to 8pm—you are invited to our official Grand Opening and Ribbon
Cutting Ceremony. Please come enjoy live music, good food, great
company. Stop by for a few minutes to tour the facility or stay awhile
to meet old and new friends. Hope to see you there!

2. Multi-Sense-Ational ART Contest!
Calling all creative multi-media artists! Now that the Lighthouse of
the Big Bend is in a new building, our spacious walls are bare.
Therefore we are sponsoring a contest for accessible art that can be
"seen" through touch, to be enjoyed visually AND tactually. A total of
three winners and five honorable mentions will be selected by a panel
composed of three blind and two sighted experts.

Tactual art work can by created with a variety of mediums. The
Lighthouse challenges all artists to create a piece of art that really
"stands out". A wide variety of mediums can be used to give a
3-dimensional effect, including fabric, paint, clay, wood, feathers,
glass, wire – your creativity is the limit!  The goal is to create a
piece that can be appreciated by the Lighthouse clients who have lost
their vision as well as persons who are sighted.

GUIDELINES: Please ensure...
- your art will not be damaged by repeated touch
- nothing in your art is so sharp it might injure someone
- your art is colorful and has both visual and tactile appeal
- your art can be hung on a wall to avoid tripping hazards in the
Lighthouse building where clients are learning mobility skills
DEADLINE: Thurs, July 15 by 5pm to 3071 Highland Oaks Terrace
JUDGING: Week of July 19-23
WINNERS: Announced at our Open House on Tues, July 27, at 6pm
DISPLAY: The art will be displayed at the Lighthouse from July 27
until December 23, 2010 and may be for sale with the artists name,
contact info and price displayed.
PRIZES: All winning and honorable mention artwork will be displayed in
the Lighthouse building, and will receive publicity at our Open House,
on our website, and in our newsletter.
1st Prize: The first prize winner will receive 2 tickets to our
popular “Dining in the Dark” dinner event, scheduled for October 24,
5:30-8:30pm at the University Center Club and a first place ribbon
displayed on the artwork, in the Lighthouse reception area.
2nd & 3rd Prize: Second or third place ribbon will be displayed on the
artwork in the Lighthouse building.
Honorable Mentions: The art will be displayed in the Lighthouse.

3. Top Ten Advantages to Our New Home
10. The main hallway is wide enough for two people in wheelchairs to
pass each other... and possibly good for bowling.
9. Four classes can meet at a time without all sharing one room.
8. If someone is in the bathroom there are three other options.
7. The building can be accessed by Bus #22, sidewalks with a
crosswalk, curb cuts and even a handrail on the short ramp.
6. The mail person actually comes inside to pick up the mail.
5. There is a room solely for noisily producing documents and
shredding confidential info - never interrupting clients again!
4. You can roam the building as exercise... and mobility training.
3. Waiting for a ride can now be enjoyable with comfortable armchairs
and a special “listening library” for folks to continue to learn if
you are dropped off early or picked up late.
2. Clients, volunteers & staff can find quiet, private place to work
on projects or discuss confidential issues.
1. It's an open, bright and professional building, appealing for
clients and the general public to visit and an exciting place to

4. Mobility Tips: Traveling to the New Lighthouse
The Lighthouse finally has safe access to a bus route at our new
location! Below is specific information for traveling from the C.K.
Steele Plaza downtown, to the Lighthouse front doors.

Once you have arrived at the plaza, locate Gate R. Gate R is on the
far south side of the plaza, which runs parallel to Call Street.  If
needed, do not hesitate to request assistance from your inbound bus
driver or any other StarMetro staff stationed around the plaza.

You will take the Route 22 bus, which departs the plaza every 60
minutes at the bottom of the hour (8:30am, 9:30am, 10:30am, etc). Run
times for Monday – Friday are 6:30am-8:28pm, and on Saturdays run
times are from 8:30am-7:28pm.

Once you board the Route 22 bus, inform the driver of your
destination.  Politely request s/he announce when the bus has reached
the stop at Highland Oaks Terrace and Capital Circle, the 2nd stop
past Park Ave, before the Tallahassee Fan & Lighting Store. This is a
new stop, added by StarMetro specifically for Lighthouse clients!

After exiting the bus, turn left/south and follow the sidewalk a short
way towards the intersection of Highland Oaks Terrace and Capital
Circle (about 30 feet from the bus stop). Turn right/west at the
corner of the intersection to travel along Highland Oaks Terrace.  You
will cross two intersecting driveways before approaching the crosswalk
on your left.  Neither driveway is currently being utilized, as they
both lead to an empty lot.  Still, be sure to use appropriate caution
in listening for traffic that may decide to use these areas to turn

The crosswalk is on the left/south side of the sidewalk and marked
with curb cuts and paint. There is also a pedestrian crossing sign,
but it is NOT a stop sign.  It is advised to cross here under “all
quiet” conditions, where you do not hear a car motor nearby. Traffic
should be light as it is a cul-de-sac which dead ends. After crossing
Highland Oaks Terrace, continue walking south down a ramp with wooden
railings and along the sidewalk. After the wooden railing, you will be
walking beside the Lighthouse parking lot, so be careful of vehicles
that may be pulled into a space with the bumper slightly over the

Turn left at the brick patio area (where there is also a building
column on the corner), and look to your right for the main entrance of
the building, which is the second or center set of doors.

Note: On your way back to the bus stop, the pole that denotes the stop
location is offset several feet into the grass. It is recommended to
travel an approximate distance of 30 feet after turning onto the
Capital Circle SE sidewalk to wait for the bus.

Of course clients and visitors may still use other methods of
transportation to the Lighthouse, such as para-transit (Dial-A-Ride)
or taxi services; however, bus and foot travel are now also safe
options for all!

For individualized assistance or instruction on the above information,
or with other any bus travel needs, please contact one of our
Certified Orientation and Mobility instructors at (850) 942-3658.

5. SportsAbility Fun in Tallahassee: April 16-18
SportsAbility is the premier event of the Florida Disabled Outdoors
Association (FDOA). These free events are about enhancing the lives of
people with disabilities by promoting active living. SportsAbility
provides access to resources and demonstrations of activities to
encourage participation, regardless of age or ability level. For more
info please check the website at http://www.fdoa.org/sportsability.htm
or contact info@xxxxxxxx or 201-2944.

Friday, April 16, 10am - 3pm: Tallahassee Community College; Indoor
Accessible, Inclusive Recreation Experiences and Expo

Saturday, April 17, 10am - 3pm: Ochlocknee River State Park; Outdoor
Accessible, Inclusive Recreation Experiences

Sunday, April 18, 11am - 3pm: Miracle Field at Messer Park Baseball
and Power Soccer

6. New Independent Living Class: Tuesday, April 20
This class covers it all, and then some—and it’s lots of fun! These
groups are so lively because it's fun to be a part of sharing with
each other & learning together. It’s an opportunity to learn all you
ever wanted to know about resources, adaptive aids, and techniques for
coping with vision loss. You even get to make your own lunch. A new
weekly group is scheduled to begin Tuesday, April 20 from 9:30am until
3pm at the new office: 3071 Highland Oaks Terrace in Tallahassee. It
will run every Tuesday from 9:30am until 3pm for 12 weeks. If you are
interested please contact Jeanine Kane, CVRT at: (850) 942-3658,
extension 215 or jkane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .

7. Free GW Micro Training: April 21, 9:30am-3:30pm
Have you wanted to get your hands on a Sense notetaker, the BookSense,
Window-Eyes or a certain SenseView low vision product? This is your
chance to get some FREE hands-on training on these products and meet
GW Micro staff. On April 21 from 9:30am-3:30pm, GW Micro and Easy Talk
Computers are proud to announce a GW Micro technology workshop to be
hosted at the Lighthouse at 3071 Highland Oaks Terrace, in
Tallahassee. If you are a teacher, counselor, student, or blind
professional, this training is for you. Space is limited, so register
soon by sending an email to Marc Solomon at marc@xxxxxxxxxxx with your
first & last name, address, phone number, email, and the GW Micro
products in which you are interested. Sign up soon to reserve your
spot and free lunch!

8. Lighthouse Spring 2010 Classes & Events
Assistive Technology Seminar: Every 4th Thursday, 3-7pm

Beginning Braille Class: 2nd & 4th Thursdays, 9am-2:30pm

Braille 2 Class: Every Wednesday, 10am-3pm

Dog Guide Group: 3rd Thursday of each month, 5:30-7pm

GRAND OPENING! Tuesday, July 27, 5-8pm

GW Micro Training: Wednesday, April 21, 9:30am-3:30pm

Independent Living Class: Starts April 20, Tuesdays, 9:30am-3pm

Jefferson Transition Group 4 Teens: Wednesdays, 3-5pm

Leon Transition Group 4 Teens: Thursdays, 3-6pm

Next Newsletter Mailout Party: Tuesday, July 20, 2-7pm

Summer Transition Program: June 14 to August 6, M-Th, 9am-4pm

Support Group: First Thursday of each month, 11am-1pm

Toddler/Pre-school Playgroup: Sat. 4/17, 5/15, 6/12, 7/17, 2-3:30pm

Wakulla Transition Group 4 Teens: Mondays, 12-2pm

Volunteer Dining in the Dark Committee Meeting: Wed, 4/14, 5:30-6:30pm

SAVE THE DATE: Dining in the Dark, October 24, 5:30-8:30pm

9. Frequently Called Numbers
211 Big Bend (24 hours) 211
Big Bend Transit 574-6064
DBS 245-0370; 1(800)672-7038
Dial-A-Ride 891-5199
Elder Care 921-5554
Insight Support Group 878-1923
Lighthouse of the Big Bend 942-3658
Magnifiers & More 671-3936
Medicaid 921-8474
Project Insight 24-hr Helpline 1-800-267-4448
Senior Center 891-4000
StarMetro 891-5200
Talking Book Library 1-800-226-6075
VA Low Vision Clinic 878-0191 ext. 2086
Yellow Cab 580-8080

10. How YOU Can Help!
Get your loved one a gift certificate for our specialty license plate
& $25 of the fees will go directly to the Lighthouse. To purchase a
tag or a gift certificate, just visit your tag agency and ask for “A
State of Vision” plate.  It is a great cause, a beautiful lighthouse
tag and generates important awareness.

Make a difference in the life of someone who has lost their vision by
donating to the Lighthouse of the Big Bend. Simply send a check to
Lighthouse, 3071 Highland Oaks Terrace, Tallahassee, FL  32301. And
now you can donate online by credit card or paypal at

11. About the Lighthouse
Lighthouse of the Big Bend provides free services to individuals who
are visually impaired or blind in Franklin, Gadsden, Hamilton,
Jefferson, Lafayette, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Suwannee, Taylor &
Wakulla Counties.

NEW Address: 3071 Highland Oaks Terrace
Phone: 850-942-3658
Toll-free: 1-888-827-6063
Fax: 850-942-4518
Email: info@ lighthousebigbend.org

Lighthouse Board of Directors
President: Norine Labitzke
Vice President: Evelyn Sewell
Treasurer: Lynda Breen
Secretary: Jamie Ito
Tinnetta Cooper
Norris Coster
Sharyn Davidson
Caroline Mathews
Sila Miller
Kim Peaden
Fred Sanguiliano
Christopher Thomas
Susan Whaley, OD

Lighthouse Staff
Executive Director: Barbara Ross, ext 201
Assistant Director:  Evelyn Worley, ext 203
Assistive Technology: Liz Bowden, ext 214
Data Entry Specialist: Joyce Warner, ext 213
Driver: Mike Worley, ext 204
Early Intervention: Jennifer Crowder, ext 202
EI / O&M Specialist: Amanda Bernath, ext 216
Independent Living: Jeanine Kane, ext 215
Eva McElvy, ext 205
Toni King, ext 211
Cindy Snowden, ext 209
Public Awareness: Lynda Jones, ext 212
Transition Specialists: Amanda Kan, ext 208
Sharon Scherbarth, ext 206
Vocational Services: Wayne Warner, ext 210

Lighthouse of the Big Bend
Guiding People Through Vision Loss
3071 Highland Oaks Terrace
Tallahassee, FL 32301
(850) 942-3658
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