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      Let's Talk Mobility

      Moving Tallahassee: Cars Optional Public Meeting to be Held Thursday - 
This Thursday, Nov. 17, from 6 to 7:30 p.m., the City of Tallahassee is hosting 
a public meeting to continue the discussion of Moving Tallahassee: Cars 
Optional. The project is a comprehensive effort to make Tallahassee's Mobility 
District a safer and more enjoyable place to walk, bicycle and use transit. 
This week's meeting will be held at the Lincoln Center, 438 West Brevard Street.

      The Mobility District is an 18-square-mile area in the heart of 
Tallahassee roughly encompassed by Tharpe Street on the north, Magnolia Drive 
on the east, Orange Avenue on the south and Appleyard Drive on the west. The 
goal is to create a district where people can access work, parks, school, 
shopping, healthcare and friends without having to own a car.

      To achieve this goal, the City is looking into the best ways to make 
corridors accessible to pedestrians, cyclists and transit users, as well as 
motorists. Among other things, the plan will include the creation of an 
official bike route system. The intended outcome of the effort is not to 
eliminate cars in the center of town but simply to provide a choice in 
transportation. Planning for alternative modes of transportation in highly 
developed areas is important because past experience has shown widening roads 
to meet future demands can destroy neighborhoods and businesses, creates 
barriers that make walking and cycling dangerous, and often is prohibitively 

      Thursday's public meeting will include a formal presentation at 6:15 p.m. 
that will address the various components of the Moving Tallahassee initiative. 
Various striping options for the proposed West Tennessee Street Pilot Project 
will also be presented, and staff will be available to discuss these options 
with community members. This pilot project is only being considered, and no 
final plans have yet been approved. This is also an opportunity for citizens to 
obtain information, ask questions one-on-one to staff and provide comments to 
guide the development of the Moving Tallahassee plan. 

      Those unable to attend the meeting but interested in the project will be 
able to access all of the materials on the project's page on 
Talgov.com/Planning. Citizens can submit comments via the web page as well.

      Community open houses will also be held around the Mobility District in 
early December, followed by another public meeting in January. The City 
Commission is slated to review Moving Tallahassee: Cars Optional in February 
2012. The City aims to gather as much data and input as early as possible to be 
incorporated into the plan prior to taking the plan to the Commission.

      For more information, please visit the Planning Department page on 

      Contact: Cherie Horne or Megan Doherty, Planning Department, 891-6400; or 
Lizzy Kelley, Communications Department, 891-8533
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