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Subject: Accessible World presents You and Your Guide Dog, April 14, 2010

News Wire:

Accessible World is so very pleased to welcome yet another new program to our 
Family. "You and Your Guide Dog," hosted by Robert and Ruth Ann Acosta.

Robert has used 9 wonderful guides and Ruth Ann is working with her fourth new 
guide, Egan.

What we would like to accomplish is to provide people from all of the guide dog 
schools in the United States and from other countries of the world with the 
opportunity to join us in our audio community room in order to talk about our 
experiences with our great dogs.

At our first meeting, we shall get acquainted and plan an agenda. In other 
words, what would guide dog users like to hear and talk about.

We shall meet on the second Wednesday evening of each month commencing in 
April. Please see date and time information below. If anyone needs assistance 
in accessing our room, including the downloading of our simple Software 
program, please feel free to call or write to Robert Acosta.

Presenters: Robert and Ruth Ann Acosta
E-Mail: boacosta@xxxxxxxxxxx

Date: Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time: 6:00 PM PDT, 7:00 PM MDT, 8:00 PM CDT, 9:00 PM EDT
         and elsewhere in the world Wednesday 1:00 GMT. 
Approximately 15 minutes prior to the event start time; go to the Accessible 
World Classroom at:

Or, alternatively,

Select The Accessible World Guide Dog Users Room at: www.accessibleworld.org
Enter your first and last names on the sign-in screen.

If you are a first-time user of the Talking Communities online conferencing 
software, there is a small, safe software program that you need to download and 
then run. A link to the software is available on every entry screen to the 
Accessible World rooms.

All online interactive programs require no password, are free of charge, and 
open to anyone worldwide having an Internet connection, a computer, speakers, 
and a sound card. Those with microphones can interact audibly with the 
presenters and others in the virtual audience. To speak to us, hold down the 
control key and let up to listen. If no microphone is available, you may text 
chat with the attendees.

Accessible World uses News Wires, like this one, to inform people of the topic 
and times for the many Discussion Groups on Accessible World. The lists are 
announce only to keep the traffic to a minimum. You can join the Accessible 
World Announce List, the Tek Talk Announce List or the Sports Talk Announce 
List by completing the form at: www.accessibleworld.org/mailinglists

Accessible World Contacts:

Robert Acosta, Chair
Accessible World
Email: boacosta@xxxxxxxxxxx 
Web:   www.helpinghands4theblind.org

Joann Becker, Events Coordinator 
Accessible World 
Email: joannbecker@xxxxxxxxxxx

Steve Hoffman, President
Talking Communities
Email: steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Accessible World, a division of Helping Hands For The Blind, a 501(c)(3) 
not-for-profit organization, seeks to educate the general public, the disabled 
community and the professionals who serve them by providing highly relevant 
information about new products, services, and training opportunities designed 
specifically to eliminate geographic and access barriers that adversely affect 

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