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Really, Lynn: I prefer both for girls' names but went to school with both a 
Lynn and a Leslie.  Lynn, for some reason, still sounded like a very young boy 
when I left Indiana in 1974.


Darla J. Rogers, B.A. Social Science; M.S. Rehabilitation Counselor Education


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I suited up for the long walk back to myself...  
....Ani DiFranco

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  Thanks Chip. I need all the help I can get. 
  I can't help it. I think my Mom, rest her soul, wanted girls , she got twin 
boys and named them Leslie and Lynn. 

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    if you'll email me the pdf file, I'll try saving it as a text file for you. 
 you can try this yourself; there's a choice under the file menu of adobe 
acrobat reader for "save as text", which usually works fine.




    Lynn is a Mr. Evans, not a Mrs. Evans (I mean, who'd marry him right??!!)


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    Mrs. Evans


    I have purchased the MP3 player and the instructions are in PDF format 
which is inaccessible on my computer. Can you send me the instructions in a 
word document.  It will be greatly appreciated.




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    For people on the list looking for MP3 with rock box:


    Subject: [Wcb-l] accessible MP3 players

       These models of the Sansa E200 series V1 MP3 players all come
       Rockbox preloaded and come completely set up and talking right out
       of the box. They make great Holiday gifts for yourself or someone
       you like or love.
       They speak the menus, folders, and filenames. Using the included
       utility, you can set your player up to use your choice of SAPI
       voices that are available on your own computer to voice your
       folder and file names; however, they come completely set up and
       speaking when you purchase a player from us.
       These Rockboxed Sansa MP3 players can use microSD and microSDHC
       cards presently up to 16 GB, to expand your storage capacity.
       Rockbox also adds much more functionality and allows you to play
       many different file formats such as OGG Vorbis, FLAC, AAC, AIFF,
       and many others. aside from the usual MP3, WMA, WAV, etc, except
       for DRM-protected files.
       The Rockbox firmware was developed by users who saw that the
       limitations in their MP3 players was due to the firmware and not
       the player itself and so, it was created to provide much better
       control over the options for the player and is a great improvement
       over the original firmware.
       You get excellent book marking capabilities, keeping track of up
       to 10 folders at one time. You can also move back to an earlier
       bookmark if you so desire.
       You can use your player to find out the time and date in 12 or
       24-hour formats, and it has a sleep timer as well!
       It gives you more control over the sound of your player by using a
       graphic equalizer with lots of presets, stereo width, and other
       sound settings. You can even adjust the balance, bass, and treble
       which is not something you see on many MP3 players out there.
       It's very user configurable. There's even a setting for karaoke!
       These players have a built-in FM stereo receiver with over 60
       presets so you can save your favorite stations and access them
       You can record from the FM stereo or use these players as note
       takers by using the built-in microphone. You can record in WAV,
       AIFF, WAV Pack, or MP3 and you can change the bit rate as you like.
       When you plug these players into your computer, they come up just
       like a regular flash drive and you can copy and paste your files
       onto them very easily. There's no need for synching these players
       or any music management software and the inaccessibility
     with them.
       The above is just a sampling of the many features of Rockbox; it
       can do a lot more. The Rockbox firmware is very impressive and
       makes these Sansa E200 Series MP3 players very accessible. It
       makes it very easy to navigate the menus and do just about
       everything that is possible on these players.
       Here are the very-affordably priced talking accessible Rockboxed
       MP3 players that we're offering:
       * Note: All 3 players are exactly the same except for the
       internal memory size.
       E260" This player comes with 4 GB of internal memory - $65.99
       E270" This player comes with 6 GB of internal memory - 78.99
       E280" This player comes with 8 GB of internal memory - 85.99
       Shipping and handling in the US is included in the prices quoted
       above. For international orders, please add $9.99 for priority mail.
       Here's what comes in the package:
       1 Rockboxed talking Sansa MP3 player
       1 USB/charging cable
       1 Earphones
       1 Quick-start guide
       1 Rockbox Sansa E200 Series Manual
       2 Utilities for use with your player Free technical support 90-day
       replacement warranty
       If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at:
       Happy Holidays,
       Need an accessible talking portable media player? We have several
       models available! Play MP3, WMA, OGG Vorbis, AAC, FLAC, AIFF,
       WAV, and more. Record from FM radio or built-in mic. Expandable
       Great book marking capabilities too!
       * Download and listen to a demo of Rockbox on a Sansa
       * SanDisk Sansa E260 media player with 4 GB
       * SanDisk Sansa E270 media player with 6 GB
       * SanDisk Sansa E280 media player with 8 GB
       * Get some accessories for your player here:

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