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  • Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 23:32:07 +0000

Ellie, I will be able to come with you for sure...

I need to get definite timeline off you for events.

What does everyone think about the following.

SPECSC Networking Evening

Where: Engineering Pavillion
Start Time: 6:30pm
End: 11pm
- Student: $20 for members
                $25 for non-members (membership for free)
- Companies - Free
Food and drinks included
Sponsor: Our committee sponsors


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I have done the stickers!!!


They are ready for printing on monday.

Ash did u give me the $5 for the sticker paper? I forgot if I got it back from 
the kitty. No biggy tho

They print 189 stickers per sheet.

Also the reason I didnt send a enrolment paper out at G&G was because Chris 
said that we need to get stickers organised first before we take on new 
members. But that is done now. I'm going to work tomorrow so on monday I will 
go print them out from the guild copy place. Ziad - will you be able to come 
with me?

I think thats it then for now.

I'll see you all Monday. Call me if you need me to do anything else.



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