[specurtin-committee] FW: Welcome Aboard for 2010/2011! - Curtin Petroleum Engineers

  • From: Christopher Coman <c.coman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2010 02:23:51 +0000

Woot, we're accepted!

Also, from another email she sent before this;

Hi Chris,

Because you are a new club and there is a 2 month qualifying period from the 
date registration is approved, being November already you won’t be able to get 
an application in on time for this year.

Also just FYI the $500 grant is a fundraising grant that you need to submit an 
application for with supporting documents like budgets, quotes, promotional 
material and product descriptions. It is basically a grant the Guild provides 
(amount based on how many Guild members the club has) to clubs so they don’t 
have to make the entire initial payout to get a club fundraising project off 
the ground e.g. Cadbury chocolates, club branded stubby holders that will then 
be sold for a profit.

You will definitely be able to apply for it next year, but you need to apply 
for it in the planning stages before you go ahead with any payments for orders. 
This safeguards you as all funding is based on certain eligibility and it’s not 
guaranteed that you would always be awarded the maximum funding benefit.

Which is fair enough I guess. So roll on 2011!


From: Corinne McGrade [corinne@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 03 November 2010 12:05
To: Christopher Coman
Subject: Welcome Aboard for 2010/2011! - Curtin Petroleum Engineers

Hi Chris,

Just confirming that the Curtin Petroleum Engineers application for 2010 Guild 
registration was approved at a Guild meeting held 2-11-10.

Let me know if you need any assistance in accessing any of the below-mentioned 

(a)            Black and white or colour photocopying to the value of $150.00 
through the Guild Copy & Design Centre annually (Complete the attached form and 
go directly to the Copy Centre to claim)
(b)           A listing on the Guild Web Page and a link to the Student Society 
home page;
(c)            A listing on any club publication available through Guild 
(d)            Access to free editorial space in Grok
(e)            Hire of University Facility authorisation from the Guild (if 
deemed appropriate);
(f)            Access to redeem the “clubs and societies” voucher produced 
(g)            Free hire of guild equipment
(a)            Use of the Club’s meeting room
(b)            Authorisation to place promotional material in the Guild 
(k             A mailbox through Guild Reception;
(l)            Two non-voting members on the Guild Student Society Committee 
(where appropriate); and
(m)          A stall on Orientation Day and any other day designated a Special 
Function by the Guild.

Attached is an example of the 2010 Club Voucher that is on page 3 of the 2010 
Guild Diary – don’t forget to collect them from everyone who signs up to your 
club so you can redeem the funds.

I’ve also attached 3 different versions of our logo for you to use on any 
promotional material you create for the club.

Please read through our poster approval procedure and the guidelines for logo 
usage at the following address: 

For further information or questions about logo use, please contact the Member 
Benefits Manager on 9266 2900.

Corinne McGrade
Membership Officer | Curtin Student Guild

Tel | 08 9266 2908
Fax | 08 9266 3384

Bldg 106F, Kent Street, Bentley WA 6102
Web | http://guild.curtin.edu.au

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