[soapcraft] Mandys soap

  • From: Mary Louise Parker <maryp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: soapcraft@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 14:24:16 +1300

HI Mandy, 

back online again - thanks for the great feedback I will post a seperate email 
in reply to my feedback.

Mandy's Vanilla Coffee - Odour Removing Soap

packaging/first impressions

YUM, immediately want to take a bite - and wow cocoa gets that colour, I did 
not know that,  so cool new knowledge. Nice cellophane packet and informative 
label, which you have obviously taken sometime researching and creating, which 
is very useful to the discerning soapbuyer. Size OK, skinny not my favourite, I 
prefer a thicker bar, but of course that is a personal preference.

Pre shower

smells like the chocolate eclair lollies ummmm, nice and waxy to touch.

Shower experience

lathered up quickly a mixture of bubbles, smelling good - dominating now with 
vanilla. Whilst I havent tried on engrained smell  I will do (in time) and will 
report back.

Left no trace of smell on skin - 

My favourite thing 

without a doubt...... the smell                                      Thanks 


Did you use instant, expresso or plunger?

Can you get vanilla essential oil - althou the fragrance seem to work in this 

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