[slack-ru] Re: ?O`I"A^I`A*I'U` O' LILO

  • From: Denis Kaledin <hannibal@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: slack-ru@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 20:24:10 +0300

o'I"E"I"I`I"? i'E'E`A'E'I` wrote:

On Mon, 12 Jan 2004 15:11:24 +0100
Mikhail Pachkov <pachkov@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

n~ O^A'E" ?I"I^E'I'A'A`, ?O^I" /boot ?I"A" O`A'E^U'A*O`I"I' I^A'E`I"A"E'O^?O'N~. ÷E'A"A*I` N~ E"I"C,A"A'-O^I"
E'I^?I"O`I'A'A~E'A` I" ?O`I"A^I`A*I'A* I`E'I`A' O' O`A'E^U'A*O`I"I' I"A^Y'A'O^?O'N~. ?O`A'?A"A' A^U`I`I" U"O^I" A^I"I`?U^A*
C,I"A"A' I^A'U'A'A", I'I"O"A*O^ E' ?I"?E'E"O'E'I`E' O~O"A*. o^U` A"I"E"O~I'A*I^O^A'A~E'A` I^A' I`E'I`I" ?I"O'I'I"O^O`E',
E"A'E" I"I^ O' O`A'E^U'A*O`I"I' O~O"E'?A'A*O^O'N~. i'I"O"A*U^? A"I`N~ O^A*O'O^E'O`I"?A'I^E'N~ O'A"A*I`A'O^? ?A'O`O^E'A~E'A`
I^A*A^I"I`?U^O~A` ? I^A'?A'I`A* A"E'O'E"A', I"O^?I"O`I'A'O^E'O`I"?A'O^? A*A* ?I"A" ext2 E' ?O`I"?E'O'A'O^? A*A*
E"A'E" /boot.

e'i'e`i" reiserfs O^O~O^ I^A* ?O`E'?A*I'. i"I^ O~ I'A*I^N~ I^A' ?O'A*E` O`A'U'A"A*I`A'E` O~O"A* 
I"E"I"I`I" 2E` I`A*O^
E' ?O`I"A^I`A*I' O' I`E'I`I" I^E"I"C,A"A' I^A*A^U`I`I".

text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1

Давайте в KOI8-R кодировке писать, ок?

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