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Dear Dale
This solution will work. Thanks so much. Great, I go for it.
With kind regards

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> Yes. Here's where it gets rather more complicated. Since the 
> grace notes are inserted BEFORE the note: 
> 1. Create a 2nd voice (alt_2). On the last beat of that 2nd 
> voice, divide it into small rests, such as 32nd perhaps.
> 2. Be sure all of the rests in this work-around voice 2 are 
> hidden (ctrl_shift_h on each) 3. Now insert your grace notes 
> before the last of those rests, but do not hide them.
> You'll probably have to verify correct spacing via a sighted 
> assistant.
> But this is the work-around I got a few years ago from the 
> Sibelius forum.
> Dale

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