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  • From: Ray Anderson <Raymond.Anderson@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 11:34:45 -0800 (PST)

This topic has been covered on the list not too long ago.

See a message from Wis Macomson on 22 Nov 2002
(http://www.freelists.org/archives/si-list/11-2002/msg00263.html )
where he provide PERL code to accomplish the task of generating
PRBS values in a PWL statement.

Here is the output using the code's default values:

* PRBS(127), seed=0, 32 bits
* 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 1
* bit time=1.5e-09 sec, rise/fall=1.5e-10 sec

Vn IN+ IN- PWL (
+ 0.0000e+00  VOH
+ 1.5000e-09  VOH
+ 1.6500e-09  VOL
+ 9.0000e-09  VOL
+ 9.1500e-09  VOH
+ 1.2000e-08  VOH
+ 1.2150e-08  VOL
+ 1.8000e-08  VOL
+ 1.8150e-08  VOH
+ 1.9500e-08  VOH
+ 1.9650e-08  VOL
+ 2.1000e-08  VOL
+ 2.1150e-08  VOH
+ 2.2500e-08  VOH
+ 2.2650e-08  VOL
+ 2.7000e-08  VOL
+ 2.7150e-08  VOH
+ 3.3000e-08  VOH
+ 3.3150e-08  VOL
+ 3.6000e-08  VOL
+ 3.6150e-08  VOH
+ 3.7500e-08  VOH
+ 3.7650e-08  VOL
+ 4.2000e-08  VOL
+ 4.2150e-08  VOH
+ 4.3500e-08  VOH
+ 4.3650e-08  VOL
+ 4.5000e-08  VOL
+ 4.5150e-08  VOH
+ 4.8000e-08  VOH
+ R=0 TD=1e-10 )

Also see Weston Beal's  Java based Pulse Train Generator program
at: ftp://supportnet.mentor.com/pub/mentortech/icx/utilities/pulsetrain.zip

Here is a sample that programs output:

Vprbs7 prbs7out 0 PWL( 0.0n Vhi
+  0.4n Vhi  0.410n Vlo  2n Vlo  2.01n Vhi  2.400n Vhi  2.41n Vlo
+  2.800n Vlo  2.81n Vhi  4.800n Vhi  4.810n Vlo  5.600n Vlo  5.61n Vhi
+  6n Vhi  6.01n Vlo  6.4n Vlo  6.41n Vhi  6.800n Vhi  6.810n Vlo
+  7.2n Vlo  7.21n Vhi  8.4n Vhi  8.41n Vlo  9.200n Vlo  9.21n Vhi
+  10n Vhi  10.01n Vlo  10.4n Vlo  10.41n Vhi  10.8n Vhi  10.81n Vlo
+  12n Vlo  12.01n Vhi  12.4n Vhi  12.41n Vlo  13.200n Vlo  13.21n Vhi
+  14.8n Vhi  14.81n Vlo  16n Vlo  16.01n Vhi  16.400n Vhi  16.410n Vlo
+  16.8n Vlo  16.810n Vhi  17.2n Vhi  17.21n Vlo  18.8n Vlo  18.810n Vhi
+  19.6n Vhi  19.610n Vlo  21.6n Vlo  21.610n Vhi  22n Vhi  22.01n Vlo
+  24.400n Vlo  24.410n Vhi  27.200n Vhi  27.210n Vlo  27.6n Vlo  27.610n Vhi
+  28n Vhi  28.01n Vlo  28.400n Vlo  28.410n Vhi  28.8n Vhi  28.810n Vlo
+  29.200n Vlo  29.210n Vhi  29.6n Vhi  29.610n Vlo  30.400n Vlo  30.410n Vhi
+  31.200n Vhi  31.210n Vlo  32n Vlo  32.01n Vhi  33.2n Vhi  33.21n Vlo
+  33.6n Vlo  33.61n Vhi  34.800n Vhi  34.81n Vlo  35.2n Vlo  35.21n Vhi
+  35.6n Vhi  35.61n Vlo  36.4n Vlo  36.41n Vhi  36.800n Vhi  36.81n Vlo
+  37.2n Vlo  37.21n Vhi  38n Vhi  38.01n Vlo  39.2n Vlo  39.21n Vhi
+  40n Vhi  40.01n Vlo  40.400n Vlo  40.410n Vhi  42n Vhi  42.01n Vlo
+  42.400n Vlo  42.410n Vhi  43.2n Vhi  43.21n Vlo  43.6n Vlo  43.61n Vhi
+  44n Vhi  44.01n Vlo  44.400n Vlo  44.410n Vhi  45.2n Vhi  45.21n Vlo
+  45.6n Vlo  45.61n Vhi  46.400n Vhi  46.410n Vlo  47.2n Vlo  47.21n Vhi
+  47.6n Vhi  47.61n Vlo  48.400n Vlo  48.410n Vhi  48.800n Vhi  48.81n Vlo
+  50n Vlo  50.01n Vhi  50.800n Vhi )

-Ray Anderson
Sun Microsystems Inc.

>You could always write a program that generates the appropriate HSPICE
>voltage control command that generated psuedo-random vectors (remember, in
>finite-state machines there are no easy real random things).
>You write the program, you generate the voltage source control line, you
>paste it into your HSPICE deck..... done!
>Jon Powell
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