[SI-LIST] November Technical Tidbit - Comparing 150 Ohm and 330 Ohm ESD networks

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 HI Everyone,
It's that time of the month again. Here is my latest Technical Tidbit:

Technical Tidbit - November 2010
Comparison of Current Waveforms from 150 Ohm and 330 Ohm Networks in an IEC
61000-4-2 Simulator

This month's Technical Tidbit compares the discharge current of a modern IEC
61000-4-2 ESD simulator for 150pF/150 Ohm and 150pF/330 Ohm networks. Both
ofthese networks have been used recently for applying a system level ESD
testto individual solid state devices. 
Abstract: IEC 61000-4-2, the equipment level ESD testing standard, recently
has been applied to individual solid state devices, a controversial use of
the standard and despite there being no instructions in the standard on
applying it to individual devices. In addition, some buyers are also
insisting on an older 150 pF/150 Ohm network instead of the current 150
pF/330 Ohm network. Waveforms are presented comparing the current discharge
of the two networks as supplied with a modern ESD simulator. 
Go to: http://emcesd.com/[1] and page down to the end (through over 160
otherarticles and papers I have written) to the picture of the test setup at
the bottom of the page. The picture of an ESD current measurement is the
linkto the article.

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