[SeniorTech] Re: Top 5 Things You Do?

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1.) Skype
2.) email
3.) banking
4.) writing
5.) Twitter/facebook
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  Here are my "5" things:

  1.  Email (personal & business)
  2.  Reference different subjects
  3.  Map Quest
  4.  Type and update address list, telephone numbers, etc. for my own files
  5.  To learn how to become more knowledgeable about the computer through 

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    Here's a topic for discussion...

    How about giving us a list of the "Top 5" things you do with your computer. 
(Note: I'm not asking for the "Top 5 Web Sites" you visit. Try to include some 
things other than "I go to this website" and "I go to that website.")

    I'll get the ball rolling...

    1. Email (personal & business)
    2. Facebook
    3. Create "stuff" for my business (newsletters, flyers, business cards, 
    4. Create Powerpoint slide shows to present at senior centers, libraries, 
    5. Digital photographs (organize photos, create slide shows, DVDs, etc.)

    OK, it's YOUR turn! 

    Jerry Taylor
    Personalized In-Home Computer Lessons
         for Senior Citizens and Retirees
    "Computers are not just for kids"

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