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  • Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2010 16:41:25 -0500


I thought this might be appropriate as well. While downloading and going through your web site, I noticed that the English grammar was a little off. I took the liberty of downloading the page, and making the corrections. I am including it as an attachment for your review. If you would like to use these corrections, please do.

I am a technical writer by profession, and thought you might be able to use this. I really enjoy SEEdit, and have used it extensively.

Thank you,

Scott Turner

On 6/7/10 1:28 PM, Sven E Olsson wrote:
Hi Dave,
Thanks for your reply.

It is time to take a look into the menu items and other text into SEEdit, so if 
there is something that is difficult to understand or misspelled then please 
let me know. I just need something like this:

helo should be hello
Then I could do a search into the code and do a replace.

Sven E

On 2010-06-07, at 20:14 , David Losure wrote:

Hi Sven,
Here are a few quick suggestions.  I actually enjoy the Swenglish associated 
with this program.

Sven E Olsson
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Title: SEEdit and HTML5

SEEdit  5.0


Site Management, Sitemap
and Optimizing Tool

The new SEEdit 5.0.0 now available!
Pro Edition - Maxi Edition - Mini Edition
OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard Intel

SEEdit and HTML5

Document Templates

SEEdit has (x)html5 templates available from the File New Menu. These templates are editable from the Language Menu.

CSS Classes

Edited: Saturday, May 1, 2010
SEEdit now supports section, header, article, footer,footer nav, aside, hgroup, canvas, mark, details and embed. These classes arre available from the Auto Complete function, Insert CSS - Id Menu items and from the Editor Toolbox.

Syntax Checking

The SEEdit Tool Server Check Documents using the w3 tools helps check the documents when they are uploaded to the server.

The SEEdit Tool Check Unbalanced Tags supports HTML5.

Editor Toolbox

The Editor Toolbox now has a section <html>5 with buttons. This buttons support css classes and id.

The work continue

The work with SEEdit and HTML 5 continues. Suggestions and ideas are always welcome!

The latest builds of SEEdit may be downloaded and tested from the  SEEdit PRE Page It is also possible to Subscribe to SEEdit PRE Builds for the info about the latest builds.

Our HTML5 Site

Thursday, May 6, 2010 we uploaded our new valid html5 pages, these pages are tested on MSIE 8 and Safari on Windows XP and looks indentical to Safari, FireFox and Google Chrome on Macintosh. It is only the rounded corners at the top of the pages that do not display using MSIE.

To get MSIE 8 to accept the new tags like header, nav, footer and mark, a _javascript_ file must be used. http://remysharp.com/2009/01/07/html5-enabling-script/

Valid HTML5

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