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  • From: Sven E Olsson <seeditmaxi@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2010 00:29:32 +0100

On 2010-12-11, at 15:47 , Sven E Olsson wrote:

> Hi list,
> I started a new thread about the idea from Troy.
> I have checked on it today ( an hope I understand it ). There is one thing 
> that looks interesting to implement into SEEdit and it is to use variables ( 
> just like the date variables ) that make it easy and fast to change for 
> example an color value that is used in many places in the css file.

Here is an sneak preview on SEEdit CSS Variables.

This new feature don't affect those that use the css files in "old/normal" way.
This could be available as test in an few hour, just need to write an example 
site and would be implemented into next build of SEEdit, but not as an official 
new feature, we wait to SEEdit 6.0.0

The variable files have the file extension .vcss and is added to an folder in 
the root of the project named _vcss. The files is available in the site window 
list-box and when doing a Save or Save As... the css file (that match the file 
name)  is created/updated in the folder styles.

Screen shot of the first tests:

Sven E

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