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  • From: "Dehnel, David" <Podehnel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 11:37:14 -0500

Thanks to Tom Powers, Matt Roberts and especially Chris Schroeder for taking
the initiative on the edited case archive.  Last year I posted a message on
law-courts and fortunately some people who know what they are doing jumped
on it.

After a quick glance at the site, my first question is why use a PDF format?
An all digital archive is the way to go, I think.  

It is easy enough to select the html text and copy it to a text file, so
perhaps that is all the digital that we need.  But I wonder why bother with
PDF.  I know I will be re-formatting the cases if I am going to use them
locally.  In many cases I will be doing some additional editing, perhaps
cutting more or adding my favorite passage that got cut.  Also I will
probably be adding back in some citations--it looks like most of our editors
take them out.  

Anyhow, I wonder if PDF really makes any sense. 

Dave Dehnel
Augustana College

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