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  • Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 17:03:28 -0400

Sending this message again - so as to include the message from Chris
Schroeder (which wasn't included in the last message).

>Hello to everyone on the archive list,
>I'm sending this email out to the law/courts listserve, but wanted to send
>it out to the archive listserve as well.
>As you'll see in the message below, this listserve will be used to receive
>input on the website developed by Chris Schroeder.
>Hope you're enjoying the last couple weeks of August,
>Tom Powers
>>I'm forwarding an email from Chris Schroeder at Duke University announcing
>>the creation of a preliminary/first-draft Constitutional law case archive
>>website -- .  As he explains, the
>>current website is intended to gather comments and suggestions for future
>>There was a good bit of discussion last year of setting something like
>>up. The basic idea is to create an alternative to existing web-based
>>resources that provide Supreme Court cases, but only in their entirety.
>>archive envisioned here will provide cases edited for use in the
>>As those of you who've followed the discussion know, the devil is in the
>>details. We're now at the stage of sorting those out. Many thanks to Chris
>>Schroeder for leading the way and taking this big step in making the
>>a reality.
>>As Chris's email makes clear, what's needed at this point is feedback from
>>Con Law teachers and scholars. To facilitate discussion, we'll make use of
>>the listserve set up last year by Matthew Roberts. It can be reached by
>>emailing scotus_archive@xxxxxxxxxxxxx   Any and all comments, criticisms,
>>suggestions, and questions are welcome.
>>Yours, Tom Powers
>>>> Tom:
>>>> We have mounted a very simple site at
>>>> I have put about 6 different edited cases on the site, which I gathered
>>>> from various sites on the web where other instructors have mounted
>>>> for their own instructional use.  The source of each case is indicated
>>>> at the top of the document.  This enabled me to display several
>>>> different formats without reinventing the wheel.  There are other
>>>> possibilities for formating cases, of course, but the idea of the site
>>>> was to give people some concrete examples so that they could make
>>>> concrete suggestions on how to modify the site.  (Zelman is just the
>>>> supreme court syllabus - not appropriate for most classroom uses, but I
>>>> included it to see if people thought providing a link to the case
>>>> syllabus would be useful as an additional feature of the site.)
>>>> There are a variety of developmental issues we should think about:
>>>> 1.  whether to propose a standard format and, if so, what.
>>>> 2.  whether to encourage/discourage/permit/prohibit instructors to add
>>>> questions or introductioins/postscripts to case edits
>>>> 3.  the modes of access to cases - alpha listing, subject matter index,
>>>> cross links from related case to related case
>>>> 4.  whether to provide any interactive component to the site -
>>>> discussion of recent cases, topical discussions, etc.
>>>> 5.  others ...
>>>> The hope here is that having a mock site to look at will spark people's
>>>> reactions in a way that can lead to good suggestions.
>>>> >> Once we work through revising the site in light of suggestions, we
>>>> move to the next stage of building the content for the site.  Then we
>>>> will once again face the issue of what kind of steering committee
>>>> be formed to "manage" the site - and how that can be done.
>>>> I hope your summer is going (or has gone) well - ours is about to end
>>>> with the return of students later this week.
>>>> Chris.

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